The Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts you need to follow NOW

Linsey Fryatt 2012-04-02 11

Berlin startup support

Bio European micro-seed fund for internet tech startups – mentoring, exposure and funding
Followers 15,285
Tweets All forthcoming Seedcamp opportunities as the network continues to grow

Bio Pre-seed investment from seasoned tech entrepreneurs
Followers 5,022
Tweets Great business article links and inspiartional HackFwd blog content

johannes kleske-cup@jkleske
Bio Johannes Kleske, co-founder of @thirdwaveberlin and @cocities
Followers 5,009
Tweets Great source for utterly sharable internet goings-on

Bio Founder of @Twittwoch, @ecbln (Entrepreneurs Club Berlin) and runner of Startup Camp Berlin
Followers 4,534
Tweets Startups, ePublishing, social media and Mad Men

Bio Well-connected web strategist, founder of @thirdwaveberlin and co-curator of web events
Followers 3,674
Tweets Announced his recent engagement on Twitter

David Nagy-BIG@DavidNagy
Bio A self-described “Business Creator. Traveller. Thinker” currently working on @golibre
Followers 1,565
Tweets Crowdfunding, travel, startups, community books

Bio Co-founder and CEO of @SbootCamp
Followers 987
Tweets International travel, croissants, startups

Bio Official feed of Berlin Entrepreneurs Club – a non-profit organisation to help the scene flourish
Followers 791
Tweets Everything startup-relevant in the city

Bio Florian Mueck, impassioned public-speaking coach and inspirational speaker
Followers 609
Tweets Insprirational links and great tips for stopping you freezing mid-pitch

Bio Oliver Hanisch, San Fran-based German founder and mentor. Key player in@GSVAccelerator
Followers 511
Tweets All things GSVA – sharing tech and investment advice between continents


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