Germany’s bought out by Mediengruppe RTL

Charmaine Li 2012-01-18 0

GutscheineGermany’s Mediengruppe RTL has today acquired German coupon aggregator for an undisclosed sum. Managing Director of RTL Interactive Mark Schröder says, “Our investment in strengthens our transaction-driven lines of business and further expands our non-advertising related businesses. We see strong growth opportunities ahead for the couponing segment in Germany.” Gutscheine offers thousands of online discount vouchers, promotions and local coupons within Germany. It’s also partnered up with companies such as Adidas and Amazon. The portal and its excellent team offer a large selection of offers with a lot of use value. The service allows us to participate in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector,” says Schröder. The company’s founder Marcus Seidel, will continue to serve as Managing Director.

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