Berlin’s startup scene gets its own Gidsy tour

Charmaine Li 2012-02-08 2

Looking to sink your teeth into the startup scene? Or simply mingle with CEOs, scoff pizzas and knock back a pint or two of beer? Well, startup radio show Friday @Six will be hosting a whirlwind Gidsy tour of Berlin startups on Friday, 24 February.

Radio host Derk Marseille will be at the helm of the action – getting founder stories through Q&A sessions and walk-throughs of Twago, Early Bird VC, Aupeo and Gidsy. And all of it broadcast on the airwaves, so you’ll catch a glimpse of F@6′s behind the scenes action.

The €15 tour, posted on Gidsy,  is expected to run for six hours and has space for up to 20 people. ”I think that this will be interesting for anyone involved in the startup scene. From students who want to meet and quiz CEOs, to people from other companies who just want to know what chairs the competition have,” says Marseille.

Find out more about the tour here

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