Rocket Internet rebrands car classifieds business – in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and counting

Charmaine Li 2013-10-28 6

Berlin-based company builder Rocket Internet today launched Carmudi, a vehicle classifieds marketplace aimed at emerging markets, at TechCrunch Dirsupt Europe. Already operating in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar, the platform offers sellers and buyers a way to find used or new vehicles online.

Previously, Carmudi was operating under the names of Carmido in Africa, Ubiauto in Latin America and Motors in Asia. These services will now be unified under the Carmudi brand name for international expansion. But it’s not Rocket’s first foray into the classifieds business, the move follows the launch of Lamudi – a real estate classifieds platform that has rolled out in 13 countries – announced earlier this month.

“So far, across all markets we have already signed a large number of vehicle dealers and agents, registered extremely fast growing traffic on our websites and received great feedback from our users,” said Koen Thijssen, Rocket Internet’s Managing Director of Asia Classifieds.

The latest announcement falls into Rocket Internet’s characteristically aggressive strategy to enter markets where they face little competition.


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