Buddy Beers to launch on Android

Charmaine Li 2012-03-14 0

Android - Buddy BeersTreating your friends to a glass of ice-cold beer will soon be made easier, as Buddy Beers prepares to launch on Android at the end of the month to complete its App family.

The Berlin-based startup with a five-strong team, landed on the iPhone back in February this year, and has since enjoyed a steady stream of downloads.

“Android and iPhone both have good market saturation, but more and more Androids are being sold over iPhones these days and it’s a good match for our market in particular” says tech founder Travis Todd.

Buddy Beers, which boasts a network of more than 200 participating bars across eight countries, allows users to buy someone a drink by purchasing a virtual drink and sending it out via email, SMS or Facebook. The recipient simply presents it to the bar and ‘voila’ – the beer is there in the foamy-flesh.

The company will celebrate its launch at 1820 Bar Berlin on March 31 with a line-up of DJ’s and prize giveaways. Check the details below to join-in:

What: Carlsberg-Buddy Beers Launch Party
Where: 1820 Bar Berlin, sandwiched between Belushi’s and the Volksbar, Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 41 in Mitte, Berlin
When: March 31, from 10pm

VIDEO – Travis Todd talks Beers, Bears, BuddyLabs and Berlin

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