Amen’s unofficial city guide to Berlin

Marguerite Imbert 2012-05-23 17

UPDATE: We’ve unearthed another Amen Berlin poster – this time at Neukölln park Hasenheide – a great place to “buy greens” apparently…


Here’s a way to engage users… (and teach expats German). In the last week or so, physical Amen posters have been popping up on cafés, bars, and street signs around Berlin. Some are helpful (best kebab), some less so (best place to buy heroin), some in English (fixie etc…) some German (technostrich, ersatz verkehr…). Spotting them feels fun: kind of like running into an old friend in a new place, or seeing a tweet blown up to huge proportions. Word is a that a UDK student is heading up the project as a bachelor’s thesis.

St. Oberholz is the Best Place for Charging Your Mac



Revaler Straße is the Best Technostrich Ever

Kastanienallee is the Best Place for Dying On Your Fixie

Soho House is the Best Place for Small Wieners in Berlin

TXL is the Best Comeback this Year

Ersatz is the Worst Verkehr Ever

Musfafa’s is the Best Place for Waiting in Line

Is Amen heading toward city guide status? More to come? Amen or hell no? You can download the Amen app here (iOS only for the moment) And remember – VentureVillage’s Facebook page is the best ever. Amen.

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